Svitolina vs Fernandez. Q4 US Open 2021

Tennis just become even more crazy. Four qualifiers are in the quarter rounds. They’re moving into the semi’s.

Svitolina played so well, I’m sorry she lost. At the same time I’m happy Fernandez won. Even though she had some really cool moves, her game was messy at times. But she’s a 19 year old qualifier. So who cares at this point.

This match was amazing to watch. I haven’t seen such amazing tennis in a while.

I was looking through the qualifier matches on the US Open site and it’s amazing how many people fight for a such an opportunity. It amazed me the most that there are people from countries like Egypt , Greece and Luxembourg on those overviews.

I know tennis is played everywhere. But hear me out. These people train for these qualifiers for months. Years even. We have never heard of these people. So they prepare for this. They have to book a flight. A hotel. Bring their gear. All those things need to be arranged. For them Qualifying round 4 must be so nerve-wracking. If they even get to Qualifier round 4. Most just have to go home after Qualifier round 1. Pack their tennis rackets and go home.

We don’t think of those things. We’re just busy with Nadal, Osaka, Federer and Williams’. This is not just a sport for rich people. It’s a sport that requires a lot of commitment, heart, faith, management and logistics too.

I understand better now why Osaka decided to just stop doing all of the PR related things in tennis. It must be such a drain.

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